Meet Symonne Fontenot, LNA, RN

Symonne Fontenot started volunteering at the Edgewood Centre when she was just 12 years old. Read her story.

My mom, an Edgewood employee for over 17 years, would bring me to work with her before and after school and I would volunteer.

Meet Robyn Henry, LNA, MNA

Meet Robyn Henry, who has been an LNA for 17 years and counting with the Edgewood Centre.

I started in the on-site LNA program and once licensed, I worked as an LNA at Edgewood for about a year up until a position popped up that caught my eye.

Holiday Open House

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The house is filled with merriment, live holiday music, and delectable appetizers and desserts to celebrate the holiday season among residents, staff and families.

Frank’s story

Frank Crider: Giving More, For All the Right Reasons Our promise that, no matter what, we always go the extra mile is part of what makes up the Edgewood difference. Take the example of Frank Crider, for instance. Frank had been a practicing doctor for half a century when a debilitating stroke left him in […]