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As Edgewood’s administrator, it is with great pleasure and confidence that I introduce you to our services.

In the following pages are outlined the programs and offerings that will make you or your loved one’s stay at our facility a positive and memorable experience.

Over my nearly 20 years of service at Edgewood, I have toured with hundreds of families and individuals seeking placement for short-term rehabilitation or long-term residential care.

My heart goes out to people in the position of evaluating the facility that will be responsible for caring for the life that they cherish – either their own or a family member or close friend. Let me assure you that this is a responsibility that is not taken lightly by any of us here at Edgewood.

A Sense of Coming Home

The reality is, we can put whatever words and pictures on this website that we feel will captivate the audience. Our marketing experts have advised us what key words, phrases and amenities people are looking for when seeking a facility like ours. What the marketing experts can’t address, because there is no word or picture that can possibly express it, is the feeling you will get when you walk through our front door. Take Mert Moulton's story, for instance, which beautifully illustrates what I believe makes Edgewood great.

This feeling, a sense of coming home, is that comfortable, warm feeling we get when we’re in a place we know is right for us. Where people know us and care for us. This feeling can only be generated by the people who make up the place – the staff, residents and family members. The simple act of caring is not simple at all, yet it’s something we have worked hard to master.

Staff that Truly Love and Care for Residents

I am continually reminded about how much the staff people at Edgewood love and care for our residents. This was reinforced to me during a recent conversation with one of our amazing caregivers. She said, “I don’t think the residents really know just how much I truly care for them. I mean, I think about them even when I am not at work, like I would my own family member. I worry about them and want to make sure they are o.k.”

I truly cannot tell you how many times I have been told the feeling here is just different. I always smile when I hear that because I know exactly what is meant by that statement. It’s the same feeling I had nearly 20 years ago when I joined the Edgewood team and it’s the same feeling I have every day when I come to work.

A Hands on Approach

Like most of our management staff, I started my career at Edgewood providing direct care to our residents, in my case as a rehab aide.

At Edgewood, we value a hands-on approach and that is why many of us, including the owner, have continued to maintain our LNA license. The experience of providing care outside of the office and with the residents and families helps us to make business decisions that incorporate and are in concert with the needs of our residents and staff members.

Come Learn Why Edgewood is Unique

So, come see, or should I say, come feel for yourself all that makes Edgewood unique. I would love to hear what you think, so please look me up when you come by, email me, or give me a call at 603-766-2302.

With pride and gratitude,

Patricia J. Cummings, M.H.A., L.N.H.A., L.N.A.

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