Father, Fisherman, Friend

For six years my father Mert made his home at the Edgewood Centre.

During those years he was cared for by many professionals – the gang in the kitchen, the girls who changed his bed and kept his room clean every day, the nurses and caregivers who answered his every call for help.

Compassion and Companionship

The compassion and companionship that distinguishes the staff at Edgewood is the standard by which all others should be judged.

The professionals who gave so much of themselves are too numerous to name but I remember each and every one and how nicely they treated my father and how grateful I am.

Not a Nursing Home - A Home

To Mert, Edgewood was never a nursing home. It was his life and his whole existence. It was the place he called home and the place he made his friends and the place he felt was his while he spent his last years there.

Care That Makes a Difference

I feel my father’s health and life was lengthened and improved by the care he received at Edgewood.

It was the individuals employed there that made all the difference. One of my dad’s last wishes was to go fishing on the ocean. This was a wish that was seemingly unattainable due to his condition and the sheer mechanics of taking a man confined to bed on a boat.

Fulfilling a Last Wish

Through the effort of Edgewood’s recreation staff, a nurse whose husband had a boat, a chair manufacturer and a local pastor; Mert’s wish came to fruition. Through the goodness of Edgewood’s staff, my dad caught a 3 foot fish a month before he passed away.

To have allowed my father to fulfill his last wish was perhaps one of the kindest gifts he ever received and it meant the world to him and to his family.

Golden Years at Edgewood

I live on South Street, and each time I drive by the Edgewood sign, it reminds me of how much we are in your debt for the care of our loved one. Mert’s story is just one example of the life people can lead while spending their golden years at Edgewood.

– Mrs. Michele McCarthy

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