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The Edgewood Centre is a family-run facility whose owner, Patty Ramsey, is not only on-site but also highly involved. Over the years, Patty has built an exceptional team of staff who share her vision of valuing and respecting the residents first and foremost.

Edgewood’s staff people are passionately dedicated to the highest quality care and go the extra mile to make it happen. It is this environment of innovation and teamwork that put Edgewood on the list of the top ten companies to work for in New Hampshire.

Relationship-Centered Caregiving

The Edgewood Centre has long been a leader in the movement for culture change in health care facilities and has made fundamental changes in practices to create a culture of aging that is life-affirming, satisfying, dignified, and meaningful.

Staff people at Edgewood know that all decisions are customer-driven and that the focus is on resident choice and empowerment.

Read about wellness specialist Sue Menter and her special relationship with one of Edgewood’s long-term residents.

Longevity and Advancement

One of the things that sets Edgewood apart from other facilities is the consistency of the staff.

Of the two hundred and forty men and women working at Edgewood, 50% of them have been working at the facility for 5 years or longer. Our DNS, Administrator, and Rehab Director have worked at Edgewood for 14, 19, and 20 years, respectively.

The advantage for residents and families is seeing the same faces every day, especially since those faces belong to people who are at Edgewood for all the right reasons.

Staff Ratios that Support Quality

The high ratio of staff to residents assures individualized, high quality care and prompt, sensitive attention to resident and family needs.

Nursing ratios, the number of licensed nurses aides and licensed nurses on staff during each shift, is only one of the numbers to take into consideration.

Edgewood employs an enormous support staff that extends well beyond the traditional housekeeping and dining departments. Support nurses specialize in pain relief and preventing wounds, falls, and infections. A large activities staff makes sure a host of offerings are available every day to keep people entertained, active and involved.

Edgewood’s rehabilitation department is made up of physical, occupational, and speech therapists as well as a team of wellness experts who provide reiki, massage, spa treatments and restorative nursing. This team ensures that residents keep moving and feel good.

Family First

Edgewood’s tradition of providing skilled nursing and personal care began more than 30 years ago. This tradition has continued and grown stronger under the leadership of Patty Ramsey, who assumed ownership from her family in 1985.

Edgewood’s atmosphere is decidedly non-corporate, with management and staff who know residents and families personally and decision-making policies based on ethics, service and integrity. From the moment of admission, residents and families become part of the larger Edgewood family and are welcomed with open arms.

Fostering Excellence

With a wealth of opportunities to further one’s education and move into positions of increased responsibility, the Edgewood Centre fosters employee growth.

Fully half of Edgewood’s upper management team started in entry level positions and advanced as they continued their educations and as their leadership skills became apparent. In addition, training days are provided at no cost and allow staff to earn specialities in dementia care, short stay rehab, coaching communication and peer mentoring.

Does growing great leaders pay off? Come see for yourself. Edgewood’s staff people are vibrant and energized, exhibiting a level of caring unmatched in the industry.

Discover the Edgewood Difference

Join us on a personal tour to experience for yourself the warmth and outstanding level of care that make Edgewood so special.


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