Edgewood Early Learning Center

The Edgewood Early Learning Center provides care for children age 6 weeks to 6 years in small groups with teachers who have over 40 years of collective experience in the classroom.  Our program takes pride in upholding developmentally appropriate practices, and has implemented our programs with attention to the different needs, interests, and developmental levels of each individual child.  Our teachers believe each child is a unique person and that our adult interactions with them should be responsive to their individual differences. 

Our Philosophy

At the Edgewood Early Learning Center, we believe that a high quality early learning program provides a safe and nurturing environment which promotes social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of young children, while responding to the needs of the families.  Intergenerational Programming is a fundamental part of our early learning program; one that is based on reciprocity, is sustained and intentional, and involves education and preparation for all ages.  Young and old are viewed as assets - not problems to be solved. 

 This social movement involving the youth and elderly coming together to connect, grow, invent, explore, challenge, and create in engaging and interactive ways is not only beneficial to our residents, but to our young students.  Exposing and encouraging these interactions helps alleviate fears children may have of the elderly, and may help them better understand their own self and the aging process.  Children’s cognitive abilities are developed as they build, refine, select, and interpret information using their current understanding of the world. They modify that understanding based on their life experiences. Young children are very concrete in their thinking: what they see is what they know. This means that if children don’t interact with older adults, they will have difficulty understanding them.  We truly believe that bringing multiple generations together to serve a common purpose with invested interest in creating and doing good enhances every member involved and has exponential and everlasting effects. 

                                       “Wherever there are beginners and experts, old and young -

                        there is some kind of learning going on, some kind of teaching.

                                                    We are all pupils and we are all teachers.”

                                                                         - Gilbert Highet

Child Care That's All in the Family

Edgewood Early Learning is located at The Edgewood Centre, a family owned skilled nursing facility in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

The children have the benefit of enjoying a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces including a playground, vegetable and flower gardens, courtyards, decks, sun porches, wooded trails and a wildlife pond.

Edgewood Early Learning Center feels like family

The children interact on a regular basis with the residents who live at Edgewood, playing games together, baking in the kitchen, going on field trips, gardening, and watching entertainers who come to perform.

Opening, Closing and Meals

The Edgewood Early Learning Center is open from 7:00 am until 5:30 pm Monday through Friday.

Meals are a social time when the children dine together around our tables.  We happily provide breakfast, and morning/afternoon snacks, while families provide lunch.  Snacks are on a rotating menu and consist of fresh fruit, homemade muffins, biscuits, hummus and veggies, among others.

Infant Care

At our Portsmouth, NH child care center, we know that every moment with an infant is precious. That’s why we coo and cuddle, soothe and sing. We do everything possible to bond with the babies in our care and develop a sense of trust. Through simple games, our loving teachers begin the foundational work for later learning and help infants develop their motor and sensory skills.

Portsmouth NH Daycare

Edgewood’s infant room is a place where babies feel safe, secure and happy. 
With only 6 babies in the room, we are able to offer gentle lighting, soft music, personal cribs, a rocking chair for nursing mothers, and clean spaces to eat and play.

As much love as we give in our infant care center, we never forget that you are your child’s most important teacher. We work hard to keep you informed, giving daily reports on what your child learns during their time with us.

**Please note that our Infant Program is offered exclusively to Edgewood employees.**

Toddler Program 

There is no doubt that toddlers are a bundle of energy, and at Edgewood Early Learning Center we welcome that excitement because we know it’s a natural part of growth and learning. Beginning as early as fourteen months, our teachers channel that energy into small group activities that promote the development of motor skills, artistic skills, language skills and early literacy.

Toddler Program Portsmouth NH

Based on our belief that toddlers are naturally curious and motivated to learn, our discovery program is all about creating experiences for sensory-based active learning in spaces that allow children to move, explore, express and relax.  


At the Edgewood Early Learning Center in Portsmouth, NH, we see preschoolers as dreamers, discoverers, problem solvers, and inventors.

Curious about the world around them, children at this age take things apart, put them back together again, engage in make believe play and ask lots and lots of questions. In our preschool program, we give children the guidance and tools they need to explore and learn within a comfortable, safe environment.


Parents want their children to be ready to succeed in Kindergarten and so do we! The creative thinkers in this classroom grow and learn with our unique child-centered curriculum.

Preschool in Portsmouth NH

Children's cognitive, social, verbal and physical skills are nurtured with activities such as learning history on community field trips or studying plants on woodland walks. It’s tremendous fun and all done with a purpose. The learning is balanced with nutritious food and lots of playtime so that we can help you grow healthy, bright children ready to tackle the school bus and all that comes with it.

The Bottom Line: Cost

The Edgewood Early Learning Center in Portsmouth, NH offers very competitive market rates for infant care, toddler care, preschool and pre-Kindergarten programs. A family discount of 10% is available for families with more than one child enrolled full time.

For staff at The Edgewood Centre, employee tuition rates are discounted by almost 40% off the market rates.


Edgewood Early Learning is located behind The Edgewood Centre at 928 South Street in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

The center is a hidden gem; situated in a residential neighborhood within walking distance to city playgrounds, a small farm, waterfront shops and cafes.

Directions from Route 33, Southern Maine, and points north and south can be found here.

Contact Us

Stop by and see for yourself all that we have to offer at Edgewood Early Learning. Contact our office by phone (603-766-2371) or email us to schedule an appointment! 

We are delighted at the prospect of meeting you and showing you firsthand the joy of individualized care and learning at our small center.

Discover the Edgewood Difference

Join us on a personal tour to experience for yourself the warmth and outstanding level of care that make Edgewood so special.


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