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Patty Ramsey, Edgewood Centre

Welcome! It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to The Edgewood Centre in Portsmouth, NH.

As the owner of the facility, I want to give you a sense of what I believe makes Edgewood a special place in which to live and work. Perhaps the best way for me to convey our mission and values is to pass along the story of one of our residents.

Overcoming Adversity: One Resident's Rehabilitation

It was Christmas Day and Barbara Wentworth was feeling grateful for the promising future that lay ahead of her. Newly married, she was using her Masters degree in Social Work to counsel high school teenagers and was saving to buy a home. On the day after Christmas, Barbara suffered a severe stroke. She was twenty-five years old.

Following surgery and hospitalization, Barbara came to the Edgewood Centre for skilled rehab. She was in a wheelchair and unable to walk, write her name, speak clearly, or tie her shoes. The rehab therapists put their all into working with Barbara, believing in her capacity to regain the skills she lost with the stroke. Barbara worked on her mobility and her speech for hours every day and her hard work paid off.

Within one month, Barbara was able to walk-first with a walker, then with a cane, and then, on one happy day for us all, she was able to walk by herself. Her speech improved dramatically and she was able to take care of herself. After three months at Edgewood, Barbara was able to go home and resume her life. 

But Barbara’s story doesn’t end there. By the end of that year, she went on to run the Hawaii marathon, raising money for the American Stroke Association. She never considered herself a runner and indeed had never entered a race. But we had complete faith in Barbara’s ability to finish her marathon. After working like a champion in rehab to regain her life, we already know she’s a winner.

Independent, Family Run Nursing Home

This is the story of just one of the many amazing residents we are honored to care for here at Edgewood.

As an independent facility, we make sure that everything we do, every decision we make, is for the residents. That has been our family’s philosophy here at Edgewood since 1972.

Built by my father and a close friend of the family, the facility has been independently owned and operated for over 30 years. I’ve had the privilege of being directly involved in the overall operation and ownership since 1985.

Caring for People in a Home-Like Environment

We are proud of our long history of providing exceptional care and we are equally proud of our reputation as a leader in culture change – modeling for others how comfortable, and how dignified, a resident-centered facility can be.

Caring for people in a home-like environment is what we are truly all about. We carefully select and screen prospective staff members to ensure that we have assembled a team of managers and direct care staff who strongly support our service standards and believe that nothing less than the best will do.

I take our mission seriously as I’m not only the owner, but a family member as well – my mother and my aunt were both Edgewood residents.

I feel privileged to be a part of the lives of the inspiring residents and staff people who are part of the Edgewood family and I look forward to the honor of welcoming you to our home. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone (603) 766-2310 to arrange a personal tour.

With warm regards,

Patricia M. Ramsey, NHA
President and Owner, The Edgewood Centre

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